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Professional leather repair and restoration training courses. Start your business in leather repair and restoration services with us!

The unique author’s training course developed by our company allows you to master all the technological stages of leather restoration. We teach people with any level of training and knowledge. At the courses you’ll learn a lot about leather itself, how to properly care for it, as well as master the unique methods of repair and restoration of any leather coverings. The training program is runs for 5 days and is carried out under the supervision of our leading expert.

During the training process, we help to form the optimal set of tools and products for the full-fledged work on the repair and restoration of various leather products. After completing the training, you have the opportunity within a few days to undergo an internship in our service center under the guidance of leading specialists. At the initial stages of independent work, we provide free information and technical support services and advise on various aspects of the restoration of leather goods.

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