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LeTech Leather Aniline Dye (14 colours)

LeTech Leather Aniline Dye (14 colours)

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  • Warehouse: Bratislava, Slovakia
Leather Aniline Dye EXPERT LINE with Vibrant Plus+ Technology by LeTech is a specialized high-concentration organic water-based dye created using cutting-edge developments in leather production.

It is perfect for colour restoration and re-colouring, possessing the following unique characteristics:
  • High penetrating ability
  • Great colour durability and stability
  • Increased covering power
  • Deep and saturated colour
Applied for: furniture, shoes, bags, accessories.
Leather types: vegetable-tanned leather, aniline leather, pull-up leather, suede and nubuck.

Brand: LeTech
Manufacturer: LeTech International Ltd (UK)
Storage: Store in a tightly closed container in a dry ventilated area, avoid direct sunlight. Temperature 5-35 °C, relative humidity of no more than 80%.
Shelf life: 2 years from the production date.


Leather Aniline Dye EXPERT LINE by LeTech is a specialized high-concentration organic water-based dye created using cutting-edge developments in leather production.

It contains a highest concentration of increased-brightness pigment, which allows to find the right colour easily and to change the colour of a leather item (from light to dark) completely with only a few layers applied.

Leather Aniline Dye EXPERT LINE allows to dye items made of natural leather, vegetable tanned leather and suede.

Leather Aniline Dye EXPERT LINE is perfect for dyeing:

  • Leather shoes and clothes
  • Vegetable tanned leather
  • Leather goods
  • Suede and nubuck items


The advantages of Leather Aniline Dye EXPERT LINE by LeTech:
  • Colour durability and stability of dyed leather and resistance to UV radiation and other aggressive media and environment;
  • Great decorative properties preserving softness of leather without creating a film on the dyed surface;
  • High covering power and penetrating ability;
  • The product is recommended as a penetrating dye both for repair and colouring of minor defects on leather and for complete re-colouring of an item;
  • Optimum viscosity allows to apply the dye both by a spray gun and manually with a brush or a roller;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Meets latest standards of leather production.


The palette of Leather Aniline Dye EXPERT LINE includes 14 unique colours that can be mixed, which allows to easily get any tint for your project on creating a new leather item or restoration of an old one.


Penetrating Leather Aniline Dye EXPERT LINE pertains to professional materials whose application requires following a certain technology as well as understanding the product properties.

LeCademy conducts training on the use of our professional leather care and restoration products and provides support during your work.

The process of leather restoration and dyeing consists of several significant steps that are to be carefully followed in order to get a high-quality result.

The surface to be dyed must be thoroughly cleaned from dust, dirt and foreign particles using the Leather Ultimate Cleaner.

In case there is strong contamination and grease in the leather or on the surface, it is necessary to extract the contamination and grease using the Leather Degreaser.

After the thorough cleaning and surface preparation, the leather must be degreased by the Leather Alcohol Cleaner or the Leather Liquid Degreaser.

Shake the bottle thoroughly before application.

Application with a sponge, brush or roller: The optimum viscosity of the dye allows to apply it manually, dyeing minor spot damage on the leather surface, creating a base coat for subsequent leather treatment or colour restoration.

You can also apply the dye with uniform thin coats by spraying with an air brush or a spray gun.

Pneumatic spraying with an air brush or a spray gun (general recommendations):

  • The dye can be diluted with distilled water;
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.5-1.2 mm;
  • Pressure: 1.1 - 8 bar depending on the model of the air brush/spray gun;
  • The compressed air must be free of water and oil;
  • The dye must be thoroughly mixed and filtered with a 190-micron filter before application.

After dyeing, the leather surface should be protected with the Leather Dye Fixative. It is recommended to apply the Leather Dye Fixative by spraying in order to get a uniform coat for the best result, although it can also be applied with a sponge, brush or an applicator.

For finishing and protection of your leather items, we recommend to use our innovative product line of the Leather Top Coat and the Leather Protective Cream.

After the application of all the coats, rinse the tools with water and if necessary use LeTech Leather Prep.

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